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 Give Me Six Hours To Chop Down A Tree And I Will Spend The First Four Sharpening The Axe.

A. Lincoln

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Currently, about 20% of all VT Households use Wood Fire as a primary means of Heat.

Vermonter’s  have been heating their homes with wood for Centuries.

An adage often shared between neighborsChop your own wood and it will warm you twice.”  There’s a process to harvesting firewood, and a high regard for a job done right.

      A  Tree is Felled.  Next the branches are Limbed, then the log is piled with other like logs, softwood vs. hardwood.  The Logs are then bunched together with chains, and Skidded (dragged) out of the forest to a Log Landing.   Trees that are identified as Saw Logs, are graded for quality, loaded onto a logging truck and delivered to a mill, to be processed into building materials.  Lower quality wood will be chipped into pulp to be used in paper products.  The remaining logs are processed into firewood.  Here, the logs are Bucked into small pieces to fit the stove size (typically 16 – 20 inches).  The wood is then run through a wood splitter or Split by hand into quarters.  Finally, the wood is Stacked, covered and left to Season for a year.      Months removed from the start of the process, the work complete, seated in front of a warm fire on a dark evening with snow piling up outside, the value is pretty self evident.


split+stacked | graphic design co.   takes its name from this Start to Finish process.


From raw product to a refined item on the shelf…  The end result is complete and ready for use, like a piece of seasoned hardwood,Split+Stacked and heating your home through the cold winter.




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