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009 | Real Estate Web Site

+ Real estate web sites are especially complicated as they require precision in both esthetic and function.  more complicated than most static websites, these sites demand more dynamic design and functionality with increased demands such specific Search engine optimization for featured listings, MLS feed for property search and real-time listing displays, advanced search options and map integration. +

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006 | adding color

+ the addition of color can have a strong impact when used correctly.  Just as there are many colors, there are also many color formats.  Knowing the difference between rgb and cmyk and when to use which, can have a big impact on a finished product. +

004 | photo editing

     +  editing software offers the opportunity to make adjustments to a photo post production.  a good editor refines a photo in order to make it suitable to an application.  as an example, an editor may select a darker exposure for a backdrop photo in order to better define a logo or advertisement in the foreground.  quality editing defines the work of the best graphic designers.  +

002 | photography




     +  adjusting to changes in natural light is key in capturing quality outdoor photographs.  taking a multitude of photos from different aperture settings is wise.  better to throw photos out later than regret not capturing the perfect shot.  +